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5 Ways To Instantly Drive Traffic to Your Website

Are you looking to find new customers on the big wide web?

Would your business thrive with more online recognition?

Do you want to get more people visiting your website?

If you answered a great ‘hell yes!’ to any of these questions, well my friend, this one’s for you.
There are billions, yes – billions, of active users on the Internet, so if you’re not properly utilising the online platforms available as part of your marketing plan, you’re missing out on a lot of potential customers.
Most businesses can and should be using the digital media to find their target audience, drive more traffic to their website and ultimately achieve their business goals. But the trick is to have a solid strategy in place that has been formulated to help reach your primary objectives.
We have listed a few ways the Space Digital team helps our clients instantly increase their website traffic and ultimately gain better results for their online business. Who knows, you might just learn a thing or five …

Facebook Ads

There are over 2.13 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide, so leaving this incredible social media platform out of your digital marketing strategy is basically a crime for online businesses.
Facebook is the perfect place to find not just new customers for your business, but also the right customers – ones that are actually interested in your products or services. You can specifically reach your ideal customer demographic through specific targeting of location, gender, age, likes and dislikes, previous website history and more.
Businesses of all sizes, trades and varying goals use Facebook ads to gain brand acknowledgement and boost their website traffic. Campaigns are easy to implement and execute and you can create a variety of campaign types to suit your objectives, such as carousel ads, video ads, image ads, ads to boost page followers and likes, products ads, ads to generate leads, canvas ads, collection ads and many, many more!

Instagram Ads

Believe it or not, Instagram is not just for posting images of your dinner and shameless selfies. With more than 100 million people using the image sharing social media platform every month, Instagram is the perfect place to find new website visitors.
Instagram ads can be easily intergrated with your Facebook ads through ads manager, making it quick and simple to create your Instagram campaigns. Similarly to Facebook, you can choose a variety of ad types to suit your campaign objectives, such as carousel ads, videos, images and stories ads.
Furthermore, with Instagram’s new business-friendly features, including bio links, shoppable posts and analytics dashboards, it is now easier than ever to promote your website on Instagram and gain key insights into what’s working with your campaigns. By using relevant call-to-actions and setting specific target audiences, Instagram is an effective platform to skyrocket your online business.

Google Adwords

When used correctly, Google ads are an extremely effective way to generate traffic to your website and create build awareness.
There are many different types of Google ads, including the search network, display network, shopping, video, universal app and YouTube ads. If this all sounds like gobbledygook to you, don’t worry – our ad managers will take of it for you. A successful Google AdWords campaign requires continual reviewing and optimisation. All you need to know is Google owns the largest amount of the online search and display advertising network, so to get noticed on the web, you should be engaging in Google ads.
Again, you can target very specific demographics such as location and interests, as well as advertise at certain times on particular websites that your target audiences are likely to be visiting.


LinkedIn isn’t just for stalking your potential employees. According to Econsultancy, “LinkedIn is now responsible for a staggering 64% of all visits from social media channels to corporate websites,” and with over 550 million professionals on the platform, it offers online businesses an enormous audience to attract potential customers to their website in a cost-effective manner.
There are many techniques and methods that can help you make the most of LinkedIn, such as sponsored posts, content and in-mail messaging. We advise you to speak with one of our ad managers to discuss the best approach for your brand or business.


Possibly one of the most remarkable new marketing solutions to the online world is the incredible power of the influencer. In fact, the potential social media influencers can offer online businesses are truly mind blowing.
Online influencers are great for getting people talking about your brand and directing them to your website. They build relationships with their social media following to which they hold considerable ‘influence’ over, which makes them the perfect candidates to use and promote your products or services … so make good use them!
Influencers and brand ambassadors can be categorised into the following groups defined by their following and engagement; mega-influencers, macro-influencers and micro-influencers. They work on multiple social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to drive website traffic, gain more leads and increase revenue. There really is no time better than the present to start building your influencer network!
It’s nearly impossible not to get caught up in the excitement of today’s digital world, so if you have a great product but no one knows it exists, start utilising these tips and watch your website traffic boom.
If you need advice with which marketing technique to use, how to use them effectively to avoid wasting your budget and how to create an effective campaign for your business goals, please contact our team for advice on 07 3367 3155.Keep up to date with what’s going on in the design & digital world with our expertise, freebies & resources!

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