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5 Ways To Use Facebook Messenger Bots

People are constantly looking for new ways to grow their business, minimise work labor, increase task efficiency and improve business processes, all whilst maintaining great customer service – ouch!
That’s why so many businesses are turning to artificial intelligence by adopting Facebook bots to help build their brands.
Bots take the place of tedious human labor, meaning you can spend more time and money on other important aspects of your business.
So, how can YOU use Facebook bots for your business?
Get personal
There are currently over one billion people who have already installed and are utilising Facebook Messenger, which makes the Facebook Messenger bot the perfect tool for businesses to thrive on.
Facebook Messenger bot is great for offering your customers better, more personalised experiences. Not only do Messenger bots mimic human interaction by fuelling real-time conversations with your customers, but their sophisticated technology will also use the data from the conversation to offer a customised service.
With every interaction your bot has with a customer, it will record and use this information to offer suggestions and generate reminders. This ‘virtual friend’ will build customer rapports and, in turn, increase customer loyalty.
Build your customer database
Until now, most businesses have been using email to contact their customers, whether that be for advertising new promotions, delivering content, sending delivery notifications or answering customer queries. But the problem with email is, messages are often missed or deleted, replies are delayed and you might just end up in your customers ‘spam’ inbox.
Facebook Messenger is a new communication avenue for businesses and their consumers, one that offers instant, real-time interaction. Each time a customers contacts you via Facebook, your Facebook bot can send future marketing and automated messages to this customers through the Messenger app.
Why is Facebook Messenger better than email?
In a recent study conducted by HubSpot, they offered their audience two options:
1) Complete a form and receive their content via email
2) Skip the form and get immediate access to their content through Facebook Messenger
Not only did 20% of people choose the Facebook Messenger option, but this strategy also resulted in a 242% higher open rate and a 619% higher click through rate than their traditional email method.
Improve customer service
Not only will you benefit from the automation of repetitive tasks and replies from Facebook bots, but your customers will too. Chat bots offer immediate human-like interaction and support when your customers most need it. So they no longer have to it wait for an email reply, sit on hold over the phone for hours, or sieve through endless Q&As on your website.
Chat bots also nurture your important client relationships by retaining their important details for easy purchases, checkouts and relevant product recommendations – and the better the consumer experience, the more likely your clients are to return. That’s why offering your clients a good customer service is one of the most important aspects of a successful business.
Facebook has taken the reins as one of the most common platforms for digital marketing. And now, Facebook messenger bots have increased the opportunities brands have to advertise their products or services on the platform.
With the ability to remember important customer data, Facebook bots can inform the relevant audience of new or ongoing sales, offer discount codes and coupons, personalise abandoned cart reminders and allows your customers to browse products within their Messenger app!
Boost the shopping process
Facebook Messenger bots can act as a virtual assistant, helping you navigate online stores, answer your questions, track orders, make reservations, simplify check-outs and more. The Facebook Messenger bot can also increase customer sales by utilising user-buying habits to upsell relevant products or services. This also saves you time and money on assisting customers through the shopping process, which consequently contributes to boosting your sales and profits.

Did you know you can integrate the Facebook Messenger bot on to your website? Check out our blog why you need Facebook Messenger chat on your website to find how today!Keep up to date with what’s going on in the design & digital world with our expertise, freebies & resources!

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