We are living in the digital age where we can’t survive without a phone, smart watch, tablet or laptop (or let’s be honest all of the above) attached to us at ALL times. We post our lives online, we date online, we shop online, we even work online. But one thing hasn’t changed, there’s still a right and wrong way to go about things, here’s a list of social media rules we think everyone should follow (as a business or personally).

  1. If you wouldn’t want to see it, don’t post it.
  2. Respond to comments as quickly as you can
  3. Know Your Hash tags – 2 is fine 10 is not.
  4. Entertain First, Sell Second
  5. Speak in the First Person (We)
  6. Check your grammar and spelling – write your posts in a separate document to triple check them
  7. Don’t buy followers
  8. Don’t ask for likes, comments, shares, retweets etc.