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Build Your Business With Instagram Ads

With more than 800 million active monthly users, both small and large businesses have taken to Instagram to build a strong profile and engage their followers through the use of regular posts. Now more than ever, Instagram is a gateway for digital marketing with over two million companies using Instagram ads to reach audiences, target followers and promote their brand. Not using Instagram Ads to build your business? We’ve got everything you need to know and more.

Photo Ads

Photo Ads on Instagram allow brands to use compelling images to showcase their products and and tell their story. Already using high quality visual content? Well, Instagram’s photo ads offer you a platform to help share it and reach your target audience like never before. They are designed to looked similar to that of a regular Instagram post in order to refrain from that ‘advertisement’ feel. However, slight changes have been made, including a call to action button that takes the viewer to your home pages, business Instagram or another page of your choosing.

Video Ads

There’s no doubt that the online users of 2018 have gone crazy over video content. The average time spent for individuals watching video content on Instagram has grown by 80% year after year with more than five times as many videos posted this year compared to last. If you’re not already thinking it, you should know that now is the perfect time for your brand to start implementing this as a marketing strategy in order to capture your audience’s attention. Video ads can be up to 60 seconds and also have the call to action button evident within the post.
Business With Instagram Ads

Carousel Ads

Instagram’s carousel ads give users the opportunity to swipe through a selected series of photos or videos. Here, you can display multiple products, tell a longer story about your brand, convery a multi-part story or simply share up to 10 single images or videos. Carousel Ads allow you to put a creative spin on your posting while also having the call to action button their to link direction to your website or landing page.
Business With Instagram Ads

Stories Ads

Instagram Stories in 2018 have taken the world by storm and with them has come the rise of Instagram Story Ads. These ads are full screen and appear to Instagram users between the stories of the accounts that they follow. With more than 300 million Instagram users viewing their stories every day, there is a large audience that holds a lot of potential for you to reach with your ad. The call to action within these ads take the form of a swipe up feature that directly takes the viewer to the website that is connected to the ad.

Instagram’s advertising resources provide brands with a multitude of options for them to market their services and offerings. From photo ads to stories, there is one to suit exactly what you’re looking for. Now’s the time to get started!
Space Digital are always on the lookout for new technique to trial and test so we can see what works and what doesn’t. If you’d like to know more about how you can use Instagram Ads to help boost your business, please visit our Instagram service page or call us on 07 3724 0469.

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