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How To Use Christmas Events & Holidays To Market Your Business

With offices about to close for the Christmas break and email automation responses switched on, many business owners and marketing specialists are frantically searching for content to keep their online presence alive over the festive season. If you’re one of those stressed out individuals, you’re probably wondering how you are going to create and schedule enough content to last the holidays.
The answer? Use Christmas events and holidays to market your business!
The silly season is a time for creating long-lasting memories with friends and family, attending entertaining events and gatherings, and celebrating the joyful festivities of Christmas. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase the people and personalities behind your brand or business by sharing your holiday commemorations throughout your social media platforms.
Clients (and potential clients) love to see the promotion of good staff culture and a healthy work-life balance … and sharing ‘out of the office’ content does just that. You will give your clients a deeper insight into the lives of your staff by presenting your team in a relatable, more relaxed, atmosphere and showing the more personable side to your business.
The nature of posting personal content also allows clients to put a name to a face, which can lead to a greater appreciation of your efforts and work throughout the year. Whether it’s posting a team photo from the end-of-year Christmas party, sharing family holiday photos, or simply offering good holiday wishes, you are sure to market your business in a friendly, welcoming way.
Of course, we advise sharing within reason (we don’t recommend posting photos of intoxicated staff members or documenting your every move). You should ensure your content is professional and consistent with your company values, keeping in mind the ultimate goal of sharing this type of content is to build trust, establish healthy rapports and better relate with your clients.
Bring the festive spirit to your social media platforms this season and use Christmas events and holidays to market your business the right way. After all, sharing is caring.

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