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Rostron Finance is a Brisbane based business that specialises in finding competitive rates for their clients across various finance products. These include luxury vehicles, utes, marine, caravans and more. They service all of Australia and rely heavily on social media lead generation campaigns to power their business. Rostron Finance has tripled in size since utilising our services, and have also expanded into the New Zealand market.

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Duration: January 1st 2022, July 31st 2022.

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Meet our team

Steph McGrath
Head of Social Media

The Challenge

Rostron Finance has been a Walker Hill Digital client for 5+ years. The owner came to us wanting to generate more leads and grow his team from 5 to 30 team members in 2 years. Based on the client’s budget, they knew they needed the cost per lead to be below $50 to ensure enough leads came into the business for each team member.

The Strategy

After a deep dive into Rostron Finance’s analytics, target demographics and goals, we identified a number of opportunities to help them achieve the increase in lead volume at under $50 per lead.

We chose to run lead generation campaigns on Facebook & Instagram using landing pages designed to generate conversions and On-Facebook lead forms. We weighted the budget more towards the landing page objective as these leads were typically higher in quality. To help with the lead quality through the forms, we implemented various steps into form fill to help filter less committed users out. This included custom questions and a secondary ‘submit details’ step. Once we had identified winning audiences, we were able to scale up the budget and increase lead volume to ensure the team continued to grow.

Walker Hill Digital is a great company to deal with. Excellent communication through every process and great at getting results for us.

The Outcome

  • In a 6 month window, we generated Rostron Finance 7,210 leads at an average cost of $41.98
  • This was an increase of 30.5% compared to the previous period. 
  • The team grew from 5 to 30 team members over a 5 year period. 
  • Since the success in the Australian marketing, Rostron Finance has expanded to New Zealand which is already seeing unprecedented growth using the same model.
We know our stuff and we care!

At Walker Hill Digital, we don’t just focus on vanity metrics. We build and customise your marketing strategy to deliver results that are important to your bottom line. Combining creativity and analysis to give you the upper hand in your industry. Our team works with you, rather than just for you – giving you control, oversight and a full understanding of the process.

There are a lot of digital marketing agencies out there, so why choose us? The simple answer is, we care about the results, but most importantly our client’s and their businesses. From day one, we do our best to be transparent with you on expectations and deliver beyond those expectations.

The WalkerHill Group

If you didn’t already know, our Walker Hill Digital team falls under the umbrella of the Walker Hill group! At Walker Hill, we have four key tenets: profit, growth, leverage and wealth. All four are driven towards securing your business and personal success.

Our team of experts in finance, accounting and marketing bring analytical, technical and creative skills to the table. Giving you access to a team that has the potential to take your business, personal finances or investment plans to the next level. We make it count.

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