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Sleep Sundays sells life-changing, award-winning 100% blackout sheets. Designed with sleep in mind, these sheets are perfect for those looking to create 100% darkness at any time of the day. Whether a new parent, traveller or shift worker, these 100% blackout blinds are meant for those looking for a few extra winks of sleep.

Metrics worth celebrating

Sleepy Sundays came to Walker Hill Digital with no previous digital marketing. Recently celebrating 1 year with us, we’re proud to have achieved the following overall results:

$ 0
$ 0
0 % YOY
Total Orders up
0 % YOY
Online Sales up
0 % YOY
Conversion rate up
Meet our team

Aurlivia Bowden
Digital Performance Manager | Social Media

The Challenge

Sleepy Sundays came to us with no previous digital marketing experience. Having collaborated with Sleep Consultants around Australia, the brand already had a small following on social media, and previous sales data. Sleepy Sundays wanted to increase their sales and become a necessity for new parents, travellers and shift workers alike. This is where we come in.

The Strategy

After a deep dive into Sleepy Sundays analytics we identified a number of opportunities to help reach their goal of more sales and a stronger brand awareness. We implemented a prospecting campaign on Facebook and Instagram to acquire new customers targeting the ‘new parents’ and ‘newborns’ interests. We also added a remarketing campaign targeting previous website visitors and socials engagers over a certain period of time. A 10% off code was used to entice people to buy.

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The Outcome

  • Scaled ad account spending
  • Hit over 1,000 purchases
  • Adding more products to the website
  • Online sales up 225% YOY
  • Entering another year with Walker Hill Digital spending more, across multiple social platforms.
We know our stuff and we care!

At Walker Hill Digital, we don’t just focus on vanity metrics. We build and customise your marketing strategy to deliver results that are important to your bottom line. Combining creativity and analysis to give you the upper hand in your industry. Our team works with you, rather than just for you – giving you control, oversight and a full understanding of the process.

There are a lot of digital marketing agencies out there, so why choose us? The simple answer is, we care about the results, but most importantly our client’s and their businesses. From day one, we do our best to be transparent with you on expectations and deliver beyond those expectations.

The WalkerHill Group

If you didn’t already know, our Walker Hill Digital team falls under the umbrella of the Walker Hill group! At Walker Hill, we have four key tenets: profit, growth, leverage and wealth. All four are driven towards securing your business and personal success.

Our team of experts in finance, accounting and marketing bring analytical, technical and creative skills to the table. Giving you access to a team that has the potential to take your business, personal finances or investment plans to the next level. We make it count.

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