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Whether searching for products, services or information, 9 out of 10 Australians use Google as their go-to search engine. Because of this, Google Ads can be on the pricey side. Investing in the services of a Google AdWords management agency will ensure you get more bang for your buck! How? Through utilising clever conversion rate optimisation and intelligent digital advertising to create clickable ads that promise high success rates.

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Creative Design

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Creative Design

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What is Google AdWords?

One of the most asked questions by brands considering a paid search marketing package is: ‘What is Google Ads?’. This is an important question to ask and helps companies in Australia discover whether or not Google Ads is right for their business and whether it will boost conversions and web traffic.

To put it simply, Google AdWords allows brands to capture the attention of target audiences in a matter of minutes. These individuals are already searching for your product or service, it is Google AdWords that ensures it’s your company they find. The higher up you are in the Google Search, the more likely you are to gain a sale.

This tech-savvy advertising service enables advertisers to showcase sponsored links or clickable ads in Google’s search engine. How? Businesses adopt a PPC (pay per click) payment set-up, advertisers then bid on distinct ‘keywords’ related to their brand or service, with the main aim of landing these keywords in the paid search results.

When shoppers search for specific keywords online, Google reveals the advertisers’ adverts in the paid search results. Advertisers will only pay for adverts if a user clicks on them, on a cost per click cpc basis.

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Why choose Google AdWords for your marketing campaign?

Almost every company is now online, even if their physical store is still their main offering, they’ll likely have some sort of Google shopping presence. Today’s consumers shop on the go, often via their smartphone, usually beginning their search by tapping a keyword into Google. This is why the majority of today’s marketing campaign projects created by a PPC agency are virtual.

Google boasts a massive reach. They’ve become so renowned, the word ‘Google’ is now featured in the Webster Dictionary. Those familiar with the World Wide Web are likely familiar with google. They probably use it daily. Whether you have a question about the weather, you’re looking for a new watch, you need a garage, you want to book a holiday or you’re researching symptoms, Google is your go-to.

To put this into perspective, this prevalent search platform encounters an incredible 5 billion searches per day – this equates to 2+ trillion searches per year. If you’re a firm offering a service or product, Google Ads are a marketing trick you don’t want to miss! If you can offer a solution to any one of the trillions of Google users via a well-designed ad, this is your chance to exceed your competitors.

Irrespective of what stage the buyer is at in their shopping journey, Google has search results suited to every business. If you’re a business bidding on search terms such as ‘invoice software’, Google will showcase your advert to shoppers in the initial stages of their product search. What does this mean for you? It allows your company to load the top of your funnel with two powerful, yet extremely simple techniques.

The first being you can seize consumer data with your post-click home page, which allows you to send informative content to a targeted market. The second? If the shopper doesn’t convert, you can use retargeting software to entice them back to your products and services encouraging them to buy into your business.

Another powerful Google Ads technique, and one that will allow you to increase your customer base, is bidding on search terms like long-tail keywords. As the name suggests, these are more detailed terms, such as ‘invoice software for freelance designers’. All in all, these keywords cost less, however still capture the attention of potential leads.

In most cases, consumers who know what they are looking for will search for lengthy, definite keywords, which boast more intent. What is intent? It is what makes the shoppers you reach via PPC services or a Google Ads campaign extremely valuable

The intent is the single difference between the customers you are reaching via alternative forms of advertising in comparison to those you are reaching via Google Ads. For example, users embracing social media are not looking for solutions, they’re looking for inspiration, updates from friends and family and lifestyle visuals.

As long as you target your social media ads to those who already follow you (or similar brands) you may incite new leads, however, presenting these ads to any and everyone will likely mean you’re zoned out.

This is why Google is a better platform for advertising as a whole. Why? Because you’re advertising to people who are already searching for your products, who are ready to buy. These individuals have keyed in specified keywords to help them find your company. Instead of interrupting their feed scrolling activities, you’re helping provide a solution to their question.

With this in mind, certain marketers see search ads as a style of inbound marketing – simply because they’re assisting someone who initiated the search for your product, and not the other way round.

When consumers consider searching for something online, they don’t even consider the search platform (unless another is already set up on their laptop) they simply ‘Google it!’ It’s little wonder Google is the most prevalent SEO platform in Australia. Having spent time and an obscene amount of money creating a quick and effective search platform, they’ve certainly earned their status.

For businesses already online or looking to take their products and services online, understanding Google’s power is key to implementing a strong marketing strategy. If you don’t understand Google Ads management, invest in the services of an AdWords management agency that do.

Now that you know the ins and outs of Google AdWords, it’s time to learn why this marketing tool is a popular alternative to SEO. Simply put, SEO best practices can be utilised across all search engines, whilst AdWords is specifically for webpages that adopt Google Adsense and Google sites.

Adwords traffic costs, but pays off if done correctly, and allows users to place ads at the base and top of Google Search Results. One of Adwords biggest pluses? It’s instant! Brands can fashion Google advertising projects and ensure targeted traffic in an instance providing they have a Google AdWords account, which can result in great rankings and traffic in little to no time.

For those looking for an effective way to calculate ROI, Google Ads management is a go-to, especially for businesses looking to target multiple keywords at any time. It’s also a great option for new companies looking to gain a following. they can then adopt SEO tactics when they’re more established.

The single biggest advantage Adwords poses over SEO? This marketing tool can generate results at a much quicker speed. Even though it requires an investment, providing you use the services of a digital marketing agency to help you create targeted Google Ads, this will be money well spent – especially if it results in numerous leads.

This is the main reason Google Ads management is a perfect option for small businesses and startups that wish to speedily encourage targeted traffic to their site, with the ultimate aim being to grow their following, generate sales, or test particular procedures, website usability, products, or any other element in the marketing process.

Even those who already boast great rankings still utilise Adwords to gain more exposure, and it’s a great way to review performance metrics. If your AdWord Campaign is proving profitable, you may wish to heighten your budgets, which will likely result in an even higher ROI.

So, which is better? AdWords or SEO? The simple answer is both. Begin by using Google Adwords to generate traffic to your site, and combine these with SEO, social media projects, and a content marketing plan. The result? Paid for and organic traffic.

It’s important to note that neither of these tech-savvy marketing tools are competitors, they are partners and as powerful as each other. This is why they are both found in the marketing toolkit of a Google AdWords agency.

Using an AdWords management agency that specialises in Google Ads management has many benefits, the first and foremost being a Google Ads agency is an expert in this field. A top ads management agency can create quality PPC content that guarantees the search engine results your business wants to achieve.

By researching your business and target audience in Melbourne, our Google Ads agency is able to create ads that embody your values and reach the people you want to reach. The result? Google advertising that’s boasts a great ROI.

Although it may sound easy to set up a Google AdWords account and post an ad, unless you know what you are doing and most importantly, unless you’re targeting the correct audience, you’ll see little return on investment.

Although an investment at first, hiring a Google Ads Management team in Melbourne or the services of a PPC agency to help you create a serious of effective adds is a marketing investment worth pursuing.

Unless you’re a digital marketer, developer or social media expert, it’s unlikely you’ll know a great deal about Google Ads or how they function. Instead of spending hours researching the ins and outs, investing in the services of a professional Google Ads Management agency will free up your time up to concentrate on the areas of your business that you are familiar with.

Optimising AdWords is time consuming, difficult and a little nit-picky. However, the alternative of posting an ad that hasn’t been well thought out or doesn’t feature the right keywords is a waste of time and money. To avoid tricky Google Ads Management, hire a pro Google Ads agency to create Google Ads campaigns that work.

If you don’t, you run the risk of creating PPC advertising with negative keywords, Google ads campaigns that are location-specific and therefore limit leads, display advertising that limits traffic to your website, and ads that don’t work because they haven’t been tested for a quality score.

The digital sphere is constantly changing, which means PPC advertising has to evolve with it. This is when Google Ads management comes into play – from ensuring your ads are versatile, relevant and most importantly, trending to your target audience in Melbourne, our Google AdWords management agency is here to help!

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Why choose us?

Our local digital PPC agency offers a wide range of digital marketing services, ranging from social media marketing to email marketing and automation, to Google Ads and more. Whether you’re looking to invest in a series of PPC Ads or wish to embrace an entire digital marketing package, our ads management agency is here to help you boost your business prowess. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started today!

We understand that all business services are different and all businesses have different marketing needs, which is why our ad management agency prides themselves on creating marketing strategies and ad campaigns tailored specifically to your business. From retail brands to corporate, we always keep your marketing budget in mind, creating PPC Ads that are not only effective but affordable and ensure a great ROI.

Embracing paid ads enables brands to strategically place their products and services in front of potential customers at exactly the right time – when they are ready to buy. 

Our team of local digital online marketing gurus work alongside your business, to fashion results-driven, high performing PPC campaigns surrounding both leads and sales, as opposed to clicks alone. 

To ensure you’re targeting the right people, our creative and resourceful PPC agency specialists are on hand to create a series of PPC Google advertising campaigns that promise results. These ads will be created with your target market in mind, your budget, your time scale and your business needs. To learn more, call us for a no-obligation 30 minute strategy meeting today.

The online world changes daily. If you need to update your PPC Ad, create another, want to know how your existing PPC campaign ads are performing or wish to pitch an idea, we’re all ears and on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call our AdWords management services to arrange a free 30 minute marketing strategy sales meeting.

Google advertising and PPC services promise extremely speedy results and sales, this is a key reason for their popularity. From the moment you get in touch with our local digital AdWords agency, we’ll provide you with a realistic timeline and a marketing manager.

We aim to start the ball rolling as soon as you say so, allowing you to generate leads as soon as possible! Once we have released your ads onto the World Wide Web, your assigned account manager will monitor the search engine results pages performance closely, providing you with quick and effective results, informing you of any tweaks we see fit. 

Our Process.

Irrespective of your goals, your business size or style, our team of specialist agencies are here to help you embrace growth through a series of top-level digital marketing strategies. The result? Google AdWords tailored to your target market and business in Melbourne. 

Before we begin designing Google Ads for you, we want to get to know you, learn more about your business, who you are, who your premier partner competitors are and what your marketing goals are. Once we’ve established this, then we can begin. 

In-depth competitor research
Just like a real-life auction, SERPs are extremely competitive. This wasn’t a mistake on Google’s part, they set up the format of their auction for two key reasons, firstly to make money and secondly, to encourage advertisers to create relevant advertisements.

This makes the world of Google Ads a competitive one, which is why our agency process involves exploring your competitors. Rivalries aren’t all bad, they push us outside of our boundaries and fire up innovation. However, for the less tech-savvy, PPC competitors can be extremely hard to manage, irrespective of whether they’re one-off or constant.

One of the most important factors to take into consideration when creating Google Ads is your local digital PPC competitors. When you invest in our services, we promise to do just that, ensuring your ads stand out from the crowd and rank higher than your rivalries in Google search.

To help you to fashion the correct content and ads that perform well, our AdWords agency initiates a thorough analysis of your business in Melbourne and your top competitors. This allows us to tailor solutions and strategies that are bespoke to your business needs and perfectly aligned to your goals, helping us to create Google AdWords that put you at the top of the search results!
Campaign launch
To successfully launch any PPC Google Ads campaign, it’s important for those creating the ads to understand the ins and outs of how this popular marketing tool works. If you’re even slightly unsure, this is when investing in the help of an ads management agency or PPC management services is a wise idea.

From fashioning a strategy that surrounds your goals to suggesting tactics that we believe will benefit you, to issuing a concise timeline and a marketing budget. Once all of these details have been put into place, we get started on the creation of a PPC ad perfectly tailored to your target audience, adopting Google analytics to track how well your digital marketing ad campaigns are performing and if any changes should be carried out.
Campaign scaling
To successfully scale a PPC campaign on time, we help your business to design quality, targeted, Google Ad campaigns that are perfectly in line with your business in Melbourne. This ad content is tailored to you and will be created with your user’s needs in mind. Our account manager will take care of all the details so you don’t have too.
Regular discussion with our clients
We believe in regular communication with our clients, either face to face, via phone or video call. From sharing how your Google Ads sales are performing to brainstorming future projects and suggesting any changes we see fit, regular discussions with our clients are key. We pride ourselves on being completely transparent and believe our clients have every right to know which ads are performing well. These discussions work both for both parties, and help to ensure the effective running of your ad campaigns!
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