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From high fashion to make-up, to marketing solutions and more, Instagram is becoming one of the top social media channels for businesses and brands across the globe. Why? It’s engaging, easy-to-use and boasts solid conversion rates.

With more tech-savvy users opting for this platform over others, to beat the competition, businesses must make Instagram marketing part of their overall marketing strategy. This is when investing in the services of an Instagram marketing agency comes into play.

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Creative Design

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Creative Design

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What is Instagram advertising?

Looking to reach a wider, more focused audience? Instagram marketing is your go-to social media tool and one that allows businesses, brands and influencers to post sponsored content that is paid for. Instagram adverts comprise a single image, a set of images, or a video (all of which can be linked to text or an additional account, source or website). 

Instagram advertising is one of the planet’s most powerful social media marketing tools, and a platform that promises to help business owners attain their marketing goals – this includes creating awareness, boosting your brand’s status, driving customers to your web platform, and generating business sales and leads through SEO content. The best part? It works! According to Instagram, 75% of users take action when a post inspires them, whilst 60% say this platform allows them to discover new products and services.

Asides from an array of arty snaps and aesthetically-pleasing filters, social media embraces so much more. Instagram marketing in New York helps to heighten brand exposure, increase web traffic, initiate new leads, and convert current business leads into sales.

If you wish to embrace a social media strategy that boosts revenue, your posts not only need to pack a punch, they need to perform. This is when investing in Instagram paid advertising and the services of social media marketing experts is key.

The result of a great social media marketing campaign? Heightened brand visibility, improved sales, a focussed, engaged target audience that is consistently growing and steadfast conversion strategies that boost ROI.

Instagram is one of today’s most targetable, visual social media marketing platforms. What does this mean for your business? It’s an opportunity to grow your following, without having to pay for fake followers. This results in attracting a loyal audience who have a keen interest in your business products and services.

Considering an incredible  500 million Instagram people browse this social platform daily, it’s little wonder it’s a popular marketing tool for those wishing to target bespoke audiences across the globe with strategic campaigns. However, there are right and wrong ways to do this, which is when opting to use the services of a social media marketing agency is key to growing your brand successfully – attracting followers who stay with you throughout your business journey. 

How do you do this? By adopting tactics that have been tried and tested by top marketing agencies. These tactics include using the right filters and hashtags, posting at the correct times (when your target market are online), and paying for sponsored reviews and posts. Other methods recommended by marketing agencies? Engaging with your competitor’s following, adopting geotags, posting trending topics and arranging your stories into highlights.

To ensure results and boost your following, marketing agencies suggest running competitions, engaging with your audience, using Instagram Live and user-generated campaigns, as well as analytics and all the other social media marketing tools Instagram has to offer. Most importantly? Create campaigns that are consistent!

Using analytics, today’s Instagram marketing teams can create bespoke social media marketing project plans, tailored around key business needs and targeted users. Instead of watching the ‘likes’ roll in, businesses can now watch their sales soar!

If your goal is to grow leads, lead generation marketing is a top tool to invest in. Although a different set-up to Facebook advertisements, which involves pre-filled fields, Instagram is still a popular lead generating platform, and when managed correctly, it can be hugely effective.

So what are social media leads? In a nutshell – they’re potential clients or customers. They’re the people who convey some interest in your brand, providing details such as name, email address, telephone number, gender and so on – this is all information marketing teams can use when following up these leads, often via email marketing campaigns. 

To put it into perspective, an impressive 80% of Instagram accounts follow a brand or business – this equates to a huge amount of data to tap into! Even those who use Facebook on a regular basis state they use Instagram as a deciding factor when it comes to investing in a service or product. Those who aren’t collecting leads on Instagram are missing out on a great marketing tactic! 

There are many ways you can generate leads on social media, some include creating a series of Instagram lead advertisements, optimising the link in your bio, adding CTA buttons to your Instagram profile, adopting the ‘swipe up’ feature when posting stories, and designing a landing page that not only ‘wows’ but works. All of these factors help to tailor social media content that is in line with your goals.

Other tech-savvy ways to generate digital marketing leads? Create posts that can be shopped, team up with an influencer – this doesn’t have to be someone with millions of followers, it does however have to be someone who embodies your brand, showcase popular products (using data to determine what these are), set product launch reminders and run Instagram marketing comps! 

When it comes to increasing conversions on your Instagram account, you must create engaging, quality content that is consistent and embodies your brand’s goals. Top agency tips to heighten conversions include taking advantage of the platform’s retargeting advertising campaigns, using high res imagery that has been shot on a pro camera and planned, showcasing preferred products, and pinpointing influencer marketing accounts who dominate your niche. To connect with these individuals, you can send them free products, interview them, and feature them in your posts.

Finally, never be afraid to experiment with your messaging, asides from analytics, this is one of the easiest ways to see what works and what doesn’t!

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Why should you advertise on Instagram?

Asides from being one of the most viewed social media platforms in the world (let’s be honest, do you know anyone of this generation without an Instagram account), this tech-savvy social media tool opens doors to numerous Instagram marketing opportunities, all of which have been proven to boost your brand’s status, create awareness and turn ‘likes’ into sales.

Instagram is home to numerous influencers (the rock stars of social), all of whom are based in various locations across the globe and all who have numerous followers. Working with social media influencers that personify your brand and brand messaging is a great way to get your product out there!

Don’t pick an influencer based on the number of followers they have on social media, pick someone you want to represent your company with followers interested in your products and services.

Encourage the influencers you work with to post honest reviews as opposed to paying them to write what you want to hear. It may sound risky, however, it will help you to learn more about your product in terms of what works and doesn’t. People want to buy from real brands with real personalities, not from social media accounts with fake reviews.

With an audience spanning more than 928 million users, Instagram marketing is a top tool for any savvy social media marketer today. Boasting an extensive range of targeting opportunities, and easy access to Facebook’s many ad tools (the platform’s parent company), Instagram adverts are one of today’s most effective social media marketing strategies. The best part? They’re easy to put in place. 

Unlike pop-ups, Instagram marketing is passive and doesn’t disrupt the user’s experience. Campaigns instead invite the customer to take interest in them if they wish to, and are tailored to the consumer.

Instagram and Shopify go hand in hand when it comes to selling both products and services on this channel. Business accounts are now able to tag products in social media posts, allowing customers to purchase a range of items directly through this content marketing platform. If you don’t have a website or online shop, this is a great way to sell to a wider audience and requires few overheads, yet boasts an attractive ROI.

With so many features to choose from, including live advertisements and video, Instagram marketing (unlike print) isn’t flat, it’s interactive and allows the viewer to take part in the results driven process. From streaming live event feeds to fashion shoots, product launches and more, Instagram allows customers to live in the moment.

Unlike magazine advertisements, which feature lengthy release dates, Instagram marketing is instant and engagement rates can be tracked in real-time. This helps agencies learn more about a brands’ customers, tweaking campaigns as and when they see fit.

Instagram boasts various campaign formats, which makes it an extremely versatile platform to market campaigns from. From photos, to stories, to video content, carousel advertisements, explore marketing, IGTV, and Instagram shopping, there is a style to suit all business needs. Each ad style works differently and features different click options.

In terms of cost, this varies and is dependent on several factors including campaign placement, SEO, targeting, the time of year and the ad format.

Of course, organic social media marketing campaigns are lower in cost, but do they generate sales? As the saying goes ‘you need to spend money to make money’ and it couldn’t be more true in this case. Free advertising, although you shouldn’t rule it out completely, is time-consuming and heavily banks on trial and error.

Another point to note? When up against Instagram’s constantly evolving social media algorithms, free advertising is not the most effective route. This is when focusing on a strategy that combines both paid and organic campaigns is a must! Why? It allows you to actively engage with a wider target audience, whilst ensuring your feed is brimming with picture-perfect posts.

Similar to the way Facebook advertisements work, paying for a post on Instagram not only allows you to target a specific audience, it generates brand awareness. The result? The right people know who you are, what products you stock and what business services you provide.

Paid campaigns designed by digital marketing experts help to target new customers, using equal measures of organic and paid digital marketing tools.

Photo marketing campaigns enable business services and brands to showcase offerings through a series of aesthetically-pleasing imagery.

If you’re a dab hand at creating next-level visual content for social media platforms, Instagram photo services pose as the perfect platform to share this content on – irrespective of whether you’re a small business or a huge corporation. However, unlike standard posts, you’ll reach a much wider, targeted audience, especially if you use quality digital marketing agencies to help you create this content.

When adding a CTA, think about your end goal. Where do you want your customers to be sent – your Instagram profile? An app download? Your business website? Or is the ultimate aim to generate a conversion? Examples of great business CTAs include ‘book now’, ‘donate’, ‘apply now’, ‘get directions’, ‘free download’ and ‘watch more’.

Carousel campaigns allow Instagram users to swipe through numerous video clips or images and all feature a call-to-action button, such as ‘shop now’, ‘pre-register, or ‘play game’ – this CTA allows users to connect directly to a company website.

Other benefits of a carousel marketing campaign? They allow brands to share multi-part stories, pinpoint numerous business products, and showcase their full service using up to 10 videos or images.

Story campaigns are a great choice for business services wishing to create brand awareness, launch apps, heighten conversion rates, increase video views and click through rates. These campaigns are full-screen and appear as stop-gap between users’ Stories.

To personalise stories and make them more engaging, businesses and brands can adopt various features, comprising text, animations, video effects and face filters. All of these features allow brands to create customised content whilst increasing brand awareness.

Using the full service of a marketing agency will help you reach Instagram 500 million daily story viewers.

Video campaigns are becoming more popular with today’s marketing agencies, and are a great way to pack what would have been lengthy text or a series of images into one concise, engaging snippet. Instagram videos can last up to one minute, and present a great opportunity for brand’s to show their customers what exactly it is they do, what they believe in, a new product or a brand relaunch.

Shorter videos tend to achieve higher engagement rates, so it’s best to keep these as snappy as possible, featuring your branding within the first 5 seconds of the advertisement. Video content is a great way to heighten product sales, irrespective of whether the product is a long term favourite, a new variant of an existing item or a product launch.

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How to create a strong Instagram advertising campaign

With the rise of ‘shoppable’ posts, it’s easier than ever to create strong marketing campaigns. Why? Today’s users have already been equipped to shop on the platform. Those searching for ways to amp up their Instagram reach need to add Instagram advertising to their overall marketing strategy.

Although this method requires investing in the services of a team of marketers, there are several advantages to embracing full service marketing campaigns. One big reason? The reach! Over 1 billion people view Instagram per month, with the majority of users using the platform for at least 53 minutes daily. If you want to show a product or service to the world, Instagram is your best friend and is one of the reasons both marketing agencies and advertising agencies are embracing it in a big way.

Whether you’re new to the world of Instagram marketing, or a seasoned pro, embracing Instagram marketing campaigns and all the tools that go with them is one of the most successful ways to market your product or service. There are however a few top tips to abide by to ensure success.

Many of us aspire to be more popular on social media, but as marketers wishing to increase brand awareness, this is a necessity. To ensure our profiles are as effective as they can be, it’s wise to invest in the services of a social media agency. They will research keywords and target trending hashtags to create inspiring and engaging content, whether your marketing channel is targeting customers in Los Angeles, New York or further afield.

Asides from websites, Instagram profiles are often the first thing the customer sees. If it’s messy, inconsistent, unaligned and impersonal, this isn’t good for your brand? Thankfully our social media marketing services are here to help!

Finding your niche is key to growing and building a successful business project. When you try to sell your services to all, you risk selling to no one. The more niche your service, the easier it is to target specific clients. The result? A heightened conversion rate!

Finding your niche is key to growing and building a successful business project. When you try to sell your services to all, you risk selling to no one. The more niche your service, the easier it is to target specific clients. The result? A heightened conversion rate!

For the past ten years, influencer marketing has been taking the Internet by storm! Instead of sending products to celebrities, marketers can now target influencers and still generate the same reach. When it comes to promoting brands in today’s modern-day market, investing in the services of an influencer is key.

These individuals boast loyal, highly engaged followers and as such, influencer marketing has become an effective and easily-accessible marketing tool for those looking to embrace full service brand endorsement.

As with all elements of a successful social media marketing campaign, influencer marketing only functions when the relationship between the brand and individual is transparent, strong, and mutually advantageous. It’s important to pick an influencer whose views perfectly align with yours.

Top tips include embracing organic influencer marketing, reaching out to individuals using creative methods (remember influencers they have a lot of brands fighting for their attention), treating them as collaborators and ensuring you have a good understanding of their audience.

Other factors to consider? Let them know you have the same goals, trust them, be genuine, seek authenticity, build credibility and check out their history and ethics.

Planning and scheduling Instagram posts not only ensures a great use of time, it allows for consistent, well-timed posts that reach target audiences when they are online. Even the best posts, when sent out at the wrong time, will generate little engagement.

There are numerous scheduling platforms and tools on the market today, all of which allow you to schedule a month’s worth of posts in a matter of minutes. All posts are scheduled in series and posted without a hitch! If you’re a busy individual with little time on your hands, scheduling posts in advance is highly recommended. Taking one day out of your month to do this will not only ensure your account feed stays consistent, it will avoid missed ad opportunities.

Using Instagram scheduling tools allows you to cash in on user-generated content marketing, track sales, drive traffic and measure the data that matters, utilising personalised insights, reporting tools and SEO strategies.

Instagram is home to various innovative features, which are constantly being updated. From stories to pinning comments, to reels and more, it’s important to use all of the marketing services Instagram offers to ensure the ultimate reach.

These social media services include dynamic stickers that comprise functions like countdowns and polls and shopping AR features – this particular addition is embracing the world of augmented reality and is set to be a big hit in the near future.

In terms of social media advertising, these add-ons are highly beneficial, particularly in terms of video opportunities, and comprise Instagram Live and IGTV. All of these video production services help contemporary brands reach a wider audience, bringing products and services to life, whilst helping marketers to learn more about audiences and what strategies do and don’t work. For example, releasing a poll-based Insta story is a great way to gauge whether a new product is going to be a hit or not!

There are numerous benefits to using an Instagram marketing agency! Asides from freeing up your precious time to focus on what it is you do best, social media agencies and Instagram marketing experts will help you to create targeted content that is tailored to your brand and clients.

A good media agency will assist you in using Instagram to create trending posts that embody your brand and the current market place, comprising up-to-date campaigns that embrace the latest Instagram algorithms.

Instead of spending precious hours learning the ins and outs of your business Instagram account, investing in the services of a social media agency in Los Angeles will not only free up your time, a marketing agency will ensure you’re posting the right content to the right people at the right time. Social media services are certainly a marketing investment worth making!

When we hear the words Instagram algorithm, many of us have little idea of what this means or how it works. Since Instagram steered away from a chronological feed, it’s something that has caused great confusion – especially for businesses wishing to market their products and services.

Fortunately, there are numerous Instagram Marketing Agency teams that make it their job to understand the Instagram algorithm. This allows marketers to tailor bespoke search engine content that works with your business. Today’s top marketing agencies in New York cover all key influencing factors, including relationships, interest, timeliness, frequency, usage and following.

To ensure you stay ahead of the competition, your social media platform needs to be consistent and fresh. The market has a way of changing dramatically, ensuring you stay up to date with the latest trends and changes is a surefire to ensure your marketing process is Instagram worthy. If you’re talking about completely different issues to everyone else online, you may get left behind!

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Our Process.

Irrespective of size or style, our marketing company helps businesses in New York to embrace the growth of their social platform through innovative digital marketing strategies. The result? Social media campaigns that are bespoke to your brand, business strategy and clients.

In-depth competitor research
First things first, to ensure we’re helping you to create the correct content, we want to get to know you, the industry you’re in and your brand. How do we do this? By fashioning a thorough analysis of not only you but your top competitors’ too. This allows us to tailor strategies and solutions perfectly aligned to your business needs, helping us to approach Instagram campaigns that put you at the top of your game!
Campaign launch
To successfully launch a campaign that promises results, you need to understand the ins and outs. Our social media services use analytics to determine the needs of your clients, when they’re online and how to reach them. Our marketers begin by fashioning a strategy based on your campaign goals, we then suggest the social media services we think you should adopt, followed by a concise timeline and anticipated project spend. Once all of these details have been determined, we look more closely at your audience and their habits, using analytics to track how well your SEO campaign is running and what (if any) changes need to be implemented.
Campaign scaling
To effectively scale a campaign, we help you create targeted, quality content bespoke to your brand. This content is unique to you and is designed to capture the attention of your clients in a creative light. From showing your customers you care to cross-promoting your business and using the correct hashtags and themes, our team members take care of all the details so you don’t have too.
Regular discussion with our clients
To ensure the best possible relationships with our clients, our marketing company believes regular contact with our clients is key. From showcasing reports and analytics to revealing new ideas for campaigns, both parties must be in the loop. Our clients have every right to know what’s working and what isn’t, which is why we pride ourselves on being an agency that is 100% transparent. These discussions work both ways, we want your feedback too!
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