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How The Digital Wingman Can Help To Grow Your Business

This first play from our Space Digital Playbook has been developed to support the avid Networker, Public Speaker or B2B Business owner whose ideal clients are not easily targeted online.
Let’s say, for example, you run a Financial Planning company and would like to target professional athletes. (Yes, we are using Dwayne Johnson’s character in the TV show, Ballers as the example!)
Your target audience is super niche so you would have a lot of difficulties getting your message to them using targeting options that are available on social media and Google.
Sure you could target people that are interested in say, Rugby Union and you may get in front of a few professional players. But this strategy would require a very large ad budget as this is a huge, un-targeted audience. (Unless you want to sell team jerseys or other merchandise).
The result would be that your message would get in front of a large number of fans of Rugby Union, a lot of players in social and club levels but very few, if any professional players who you really want to work with.
A more effective strategy would be to use your network, attend industry events to meet the right people and get a face-to-face with your ideal client.
Now, we don’t expect you to close the deal on the spot (unless you are The Rock) so that’s where the Digital Wingman kicks in!

YouTube video

The key to this strategy is to get your ideal client’s email address and tell them that you want to send them a killer piece of content that they have to see, as it was practically made for them and they will get so much value out of it.
The second part to making this work is getting them to your website. So when you email them, make sure that they have to visit your website to get the content. Don’t send them to YouTube or just provide them with a pdf.
You need them to visit your website so you can remarket to them via their browser cookie.
Once they have been to your website, your Digital Wingman takes over and all of a sudden, you will appear everywhere in their online world.

  • Scrolling through LinkedIn feed: there’s your latest thought leadership article.
  • Browsing their favourite news or sports websites: brand awareness banners are popping up everywhere.
  • Watching YouTube content at home on TV: there you are, talking about what you do best.
  • Killing time on Facebook or Instagram; You’re offering more valuable content, eBooks, guides & videos.
  • Now if they are unfamiliar with what retargeting is, they will first start wondering how it is possible that they have not noticed you before. And then, they will start thinking that you must be a big fish with a huge advertising budget and they are by chance coming across all of your ads.

This will have a huge impact on your conversion rate the next time you get in contact with them. They will not only be familiar with you but will have been provided with so much targeted and useful content that they will already know you are the person/team that can solve the ‘whatever-it-is you solve’ for them.
You can tag back in after your Digital Wingman has done all the heavy-lifting of creating all the required touchpoints and seal the deal like a boss.
Now, the second group of people who know what retargeting is won’t be as impressed by your coverage in their online world but before you start thinking that it will just be annoying them, consider this:

If your content is both targeted and useful to your ideal customers, they will be more inclined to consume it as it will be providing information on the solution that you provide that can assist them.
So taking all of this into account, it really is a no-brainer that implementing a highly targeted remarketing campaign is going to help your offline conversion rate.
If you would like to learn how we can help you setup your own Digital Wingman please give us a call or click this link to book in a free 30 minute Digital Marketing Gameplan call with one of our strategists.

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