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Effective Black Friday and Cyber Monday Email Automation to Increase Your Sales

A marketing email campaign is known to make or break a sale. Effective and well planned email automation has the ability to bring about great success. Leading into the holiday season this year, it is vital to your e-commerce success that your Black Friday promotions and Cyber Monday emails are planned and perfected.
You’ll never hear a business say they’ll simply “wing it” when it comes to email automation and if you do, please don’t take their advice. A well strategised email flow is key when promoting any upcoming sales or specials. If you’re looking for a way to create an effective Black Friday/ Cyber Monday email campaign to increase your sales, here’s what you should be doing now and then.


Leading up to what is arguably the biggest weekend for e-commerce businesses, it’s important to begin notifying your audience of your upcoming sales. By creating an email campaign that highlights the discounts and specials for your products or services, you have a higher chance of driving traffic to your business when the sale begins.
Keep in mind not to bombard your audience with multiple emails in a short period of time. Creating a plan and strategy beforehand reduces the risk of detering your audience away. As we all know, no one enjoys receiving multiple emails of the same topic. So, keep it simple, highlight the best sales and products you have to offer and space your emails over a time period where they won’t appear as an annoyance.
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After you’ve generated emails to be sent leading up to high volume shopping period, the show doesn’t stop here. There is still more opportunity to boost your sales throughout the whole weekend. The preparation emails are to drive traffic toward your website and generate interest, the emails that you create to send throughout the sale should aim to keep the customer coming back. There are three key emails that you should be set up for your customers throughout the sale period:
The Welcome Email
On the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, your purchases will not all be made by regular customers. With an average open rate of 45%, welcome emails are an excellent opportunity to build a connection with your audience. It is often that new customers seek to build a sense of trust with a brand so why not kick start the new relationship with a friendly hello?
The E-Commerce Receipt
With an average open rate of nearly 71%, email receipts are a crowd go-to as they are easier to keep track of as opposed to the physical alternative. During the holiday season, this poses an excellent opportunity to continue the interaction between you and the consumer. The high open rate allows you to open the door to offer new sales or suggestions to keep them coming back. Be sure to include discounts or special offerings to have them click-through to your site and start the process all over again.
The Cart Abandonment Email
As one of the most important email automation you can run, especially on the shopping holidays such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it is vital to set this up correctly in order to succeed.
Businesses who take control of the situation are about to recover approximately 63% of their abandoned cart shoppers. They do this by sending through a three stage remind, resolve and reward email campaign within the first 72 hours. The process involves you reminding them of their abandoned cart, address their hesitation and offer them a reward or discount if they finish the process.
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A Black Friday and Cyber Monday email automation strategy can be expected to lead to a boost in your sales this holiday season if executed correctly. At Space Digital, we often work with e-commerce business to assist them in creating the best strategy possible to make the most of busy periods. For more information head to our email automation page or call 07 3724 0469.

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