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How Facebook Watch Can Help Boost Your Business

Facebook what?
The Facebook Watch tab was introduced to mobile phones across the globe, creating new competition for the likes of Youtube, Netflix and other video platforms. The additional feature appears at the bottom of the screen in the same area where you’ll find the friend requests and Marketplace.

So, what is Facebook Watch?

The Facebook Watch tab is the newest of options available within the mobile app. The offerings are similar to that of Netflix, YouTube and Youtube Red where viewers can watch content that is live, recorded or made into episodes. As data retrieved by Facebook showed that total time spent watching videos online has increased by 14x since the start of 2018, there’s nowhere for Facebook’s video platform to go but up.
boost your business

What does this mean for you?

Say hello to Facebook Ad Breaks! As more and more people begin to use the Facebook Watch tab to view content, the more opportunities open up for businesses to advertise their brand.
Facebook Ad Breaks are short ads that are included in a variety of videos. These ads are placed at natural breaks within the content as an attempt to create a seamless transition and create a better experience for the audience. The introduction of this new platform offers an additional opportunity for businesses to market targeted advertising to new or existing audiences.


Why should you use it?

Currently on Facebook, more than 70% of in-stream video advertisements with a duration of 15 seconds or less are watched completely and majority having the sound turned on. By creating advertising content that is both mobile-optimised and lasts up to 15 seconds in length, businesses are able to capture their consumer’s attention on a mobile platform. This will increase the possibility of the entirety of their ads being watched.
As Facebook largely implements people-based marketing, the Facebook Ad Breaks will be targeted and delivered to an audience made up of individuals that are most likely to engage with your business. Facebook’s targeting strategies allow you to place your ads in front of the right people at the right time and average of 89% for their on-target rate.

Where to from here?

The popularity and demand of video content platforms continues to increase. As a result, now is the time to start looking into video marketing if you haven’t already done so. Thanks to Facebook’s targeting metrics, putting yourself in front of your ideal audiences has never been easier, so, why not give it try?
At Space Digital, we are constantly keeping up to date with industry news and innovative techniques to bring you the best outcomes possible. If you’re wanting more information about how Facebook can help boost your business, visit Facebook Ads page or contact us on 07 3724 0469.

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