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Four Key Rules to Strengthen Your Automated Emails and Increase Your Conversion Rate

Despite a large portion of day-to-day communication being carried out through instant messaging, social media and texting, everyone still uses email. We may not all love using email, but we still choose to. And why? Because to this day, it’s still the main source of communication that we receive valuable information from.
What many businesses face is the struggle to distinguish themselves from their competitors and have their readers wanting to open their emails and engaging with them.
So, how do you do this? Here’s four quick rules on how you can strengthen your automated emails in order to increase your conversion rate.

1. Mobile Optimisation

To avoid ending up in the trash bin, it’s vital to ensure that your emails display accurately when opened on both mobile and desktop devices. Having content that is unreadable and unappealing is a large deterrent for your audience and if your call to action is hard to find, don’t expect any leads to come through.
Luckily for you, many email automation resources such as Active Campaign, MailChimp and Pardot allow you to preview your email as per what it would display as on multiple devices. Most individuals are reading their emails on the go and, as a result, your emails should cater to these audiences.
Strengthen Your Automated Emails

2. Segmentation

Not all of your emails will be targeted all audiences. Some of your products or services will only target specific groups because not everyone will be interested. To ensure your entire mailing list isn’t receiving every email that you put out, it’s important to segment your contact list. By doing so, your audience will only be receiving the emails that are relevant to them and that you are most likely to receive engagement from.
This is a simple task that once completed could greatly improve your conversion rate for your products and services.
Strengthen Your Automated Emails

3. Call To Action (CTA)

Not sure what a call to action is? Now’s the perfect time to learn! A CTA is a statement or button that directly provides your audience with the action you want them to take after reading your email. It’s often found as a clickable button displaying something similar to “Get A Free Quote,” “Complete Our Survey” or “Call Us Today.” By clearly providing any outlet for your consumers to get in contact with you, they are more likely to engage with your business.
Strengthen Your Automated Emails

4. Timing

Many marketing automation platforms offer you the option of sending emails at a time when they’re most likely going to be opened by your readers. If not, it is a simple process of researching and discovery the most popular opening time for consumers in your specific industry. By discovering when your contacts on your mailing list are most likely to open and read your emails, there is a higher chance that they will fulfil your call to action and engage with your business.

Strengthen Your Automated Emails

At Space Digital, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of digital marketing. We are constantly trying and testing new strategies to ensure that our clients are receiving the best results. By following these four quick rules, you can easily strengthen your automated emails to increase you conversions.

Looking for more information? Visit our email automation page or contact one of our team members today on (07) 3724 0469.

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