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3 Unexpected Ways To Increase Your Website Conversion Rates

Within this article we will be discussing the three powerful marketing strategies for improving your website conversion rates. And the best part? They cost almost nothing and can be implemented over the space of a short two day weekend!
Firstly, below are the different ways that you can quickly scale up your business:

  1. Increase the number of customers
  2. Increase the frequency at which they purchase
  3. Increase the average value of a transaction

Today, we will be focusing on increasing the number of customers by improving your conversion rate.

1. Add live chat to your website

‘Conversational Marketing’ is quickly becoming more than a buzz word within the online marketing community and establishing itself as an important tactic within any online strategy.
Having live chat on your website not only allows you to answer your visitors’ queries more efficiently, but will also give you the ability to engage with them.
This provides you with so much power in understanding your website visitors. You can use this channel to not only provide information but also move them closer to a conversion and for the lead generation focused businesses out there, you can even book appointments directly in the chat.
We recently added live chat to our own website, you can click here to say hi to Maggie, and see how this could work on your own website.
Space Digital Website | Improve your website conversion rates
My choice for live chat is Drift. They have a very easy to use platform and you can respond to chats via your desktop or directly through the app on your phone. They also have a free version so you can use the basic functionality that would suffice for most online businesses.
Difficulty: 1/5
Cost: Free

2. Install Hotjar to track user movements through your website

Understanding what users are doing on your website will provide you with so much data to take action and make improvements to increase the usability.
And what better way to know what visitors are doing than watching live recordings of their movements through your website. I know this sounds super creepy, and there is a chance that someone from our office will watch this session of you reading this article right now but this kind of data is priceless!
Hotjar is the market leader for website tracking and will provide you with a range of actionable insights from heatmaps, screen recordings, conversion funnels and much more.
Hotjar Website | Improve your website conversion rates
When combined with your Google Analytics data you can make some serious improvements to your website that will increase website conversion rates.
Difficulty: 1/5
Cost: Free – $29/month (choose a Personal Plan if you have less than 10K page views a day)
Also if you do not have Google Analytics (GA) set up on your website, stop reading this and do it immediately, or pay someone to do it, either way, setting up GA should be Point Zero in this article. You can’t make serious improvements to your website conversion rates without data and GA is a must have for all websites.

3. Add an Exit Intent Popup

We all know that popups are annoying but fortunately for business owners, they really do work when done right.
Exit intent popups trigger when the user is about to leave your website. These are far more effective than standard popups that display as soon as someone arrives on the site or after a set amount of time.
I don’t know about you but it drives me nuts when I’m browsing a website or about to make a purchase and something pops up that interrupts my flow.
Optin Monster Exit Intent Popup | Improve your website conversion rates
The exit intent popup is more of a last chance effort to catch your visitors’ details before they leave your website so you can get in touch with them again in the future.
Face it, they were leaving anyway so why not get in their face with some kind of offer that is relevant which could either:

  1. Provide them with an incentive to complete their purchase if you have an online store
  2. Offer a free or discounted consultation
  3. Offer a useful and relevant resource that they need to enter their details to receive by email

If done right, the popup can cause a direct increase in your website conversion rate and add users to your email marketing list which will allow you to convert them down the track.
There are countless popup builders out there but the main one we work with is OptinMonster. They integrate very easily into most website platforms, have an easy-to-use builder, and are very reasonably priced starting from $9 USD a month.
Difficulty: 2/5
Cost: $9/month
As mentioned, all of these strategies can be implemented very easily and the costs associated with them are minimal compared to the value they offer when trying to improve website conversion rates.
If you would like any assistance with implementing any of these strategies or simply want to chat about increasing your website’s conversion rate, feel free to give us a call or hit Maggie up in the live chat!
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James is not only the Digital Director at Space Digital, but also the team’s top digital strategist. He is known for his excellent training skills, being on top of ‘what’s new and working’ in marketing, as well as developing beginning to end strategies that convert again and again.

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