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Whether you’re a nano, micro or mega influencer, we work with creators that have audiences of all sizes and demographics.

We connect content creators with brands and products they are truly passionate about, so you can do what you do best; create fun, engaging, authentic and scroll-stopping content.

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If you’re a passionate and committed content creator, no matter how experienced, join our database for the opportunity to showcase your talents with some of Australia’s most exciting companies.

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About Influence

Influence is an extension of our digital marketing agency, Walker Hill Digital. We work with brands to create high-converting campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest, which means we have a constant demand for new UGC content.

To ensure our campaigns are trending and converting, we want to work with the people who do it best; content creators like yourself. We reach out to our database of content creators whenever we need new trending creatives. 

You will be working with our team of like-minded digital marketing strategists who will brief you on the piece of content required, as well as collaborate on new ideas using your knowledge and experience in the industry.

Meet our strategists

Our award-winning digital marketing team of industry experts bring with them years of experience in the field. They’ve worked with companies of all sizes and backgrounds, which is continually expanding.

Our team members are always looking to inject creativity into anything that they’re working on, to create unique, results-driven marketing campaigns.

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At this stage, we exchange your content for goods or services. There is no cash payment involved.

That’s okay! We work with all content creators, no matter how many followers.

Once you’re connected with a business, our team at Influence will provide you with a detailed brief. We will also be available on phone or email to answer any further questions.

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