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LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms

Why they are perfect for business-to-business services

Inaccurate information? Incomplete forms? Leads that don’t lead anywhere?
Let me guess; you’ve created a great social media campaign to promote your brand or service, perhaps offering a free valuable tool or incentive in return for consumers to sign up to your database, only to receive incomplete details that you can’t do anything with. You’re not alone. In fact, it’s a common annoyance for many businesses!
Generally, we find there are two main reasons for this less than desirable outcome:

  1. People are time poor therefore they have rushed their submission
  2. They simply cannot be bothered to enter their details in full.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms have revolutionised the way we take quality leads by diminishing these two problems.
What are LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms?
Lead Gen Forms are automated pre-filled forms that allow LinkedIn users to quickly and effortlessly submit their professional details to businesses (assumingly just like you) in just the click of a button.
They were built for closing the gapping hole between companies requiring relevant data and lazy consumers (ok ok, ‘time poor’ consumers) who don’t enter the relevant, precise data a business requires.
Lead Gen Forms are integrated in LinkedIn campaigns when a call-to-action is added. They appear within users’ newsfeeds and video ads with their accurate LinkedIn profile data already entered for easy submissions.
All it takes is a couple of clicks and BOOM, their professional LinkedIn details go straight to your database, which you can access anytime on Campaign Manager or integrate with your desired marketing platform.

How can LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms be used for business-to-business services?

With over 500 millions people using the social media platform, LinkedIn campaigns are a great way to introduce and promote your business to professionals. However, incomplete forms and inaccurate data can lower the quality of your leads.
Lead Gen Forms eliminate the tedious task of data entering for a smoother, more accurate, conversion. By including a Lead Gen Form to your sponsored content or InMail LinkedIn campaigns, your business will benefit from more accurate user information to work with and the opportunity utilise this data to your advantage.
LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager allows you to track your campaign’s cost per lead, the form fill rate and which specific professional audience is responding best to your campaign. This enables you to observe, assess and adapt your campaign judging by its results for a more highly targeted business ad and an increased ROI.

“To date, customers using Lead Gen Forms have reported a 30% reduction in cost-per-lead.” – LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

If you would like to discover more on how LinkedIn can help your business-to-business services through the use of Lead Gen Forms, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Space Digital team on 07 3724 0469 or shoot us an email at hello@spacedigital.com.au.
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