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A Look Into Our Digital Marketing Playbook!

At Space Digital, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of digital marketing. Through researching, testing and optimising, our team creates strategies that get the best results for our clients.
Our strong team of digital experts are not only fun and great conversationalists, we are passionate about the work that we produce and the results that we achieve.
To aid in assisting our clients success online, we took the time to create The Playbook. This resource contains various Plays that have acted as a guide to generate countless sales and leads across a wide range of industries and businesses.
So, how does this help you?
Each play is specifically tailored to a different scenario that your business may be experiencing. Executed in the right way, these plays have proven to be very effective.
Okay, what’s the play?

Play #1 – The Digital Wingman

The first of our four plays has been designed for those of you who are looking to make a big first impression but don’t necessarily have the correct touch points in place to follow and boost conversions. Whether your a networker, a public speaker or anywhere in between, this play will assist you in becoming an expert in your field and skyrocket your conversion rate.
Want to know more? Click here to watch a video that explains the play in further detail.
Digital Marketing

Play #2 – The End Zone

The End Zone play has been perfectly designed for business owners and marketers who have an in demand product that people are knowingly searching for. Not ranking in the top 4 search results on Google? Well, this is the play for you!
Let me give you the breakdown. The aim of this play is to use Google AdWords as well as other strategies that involves email marketing and remarketing to get your product in front of the right audience and achieve greater conversions.
Looking to get the edge you need to bring that conversion rate up? Click here to find out more.
Digital Marketing

Play #3 – The Automator

Our third play, The Automator is perfect for any business who have a lot of enquiries coming through to their website or social media. If you’re finding yourself sending out a lot of repetitive emails to your clients or consumers and it’s taking up a lot of your time, this is the play for you!
The aim of this play is to send follow up email sequences that encourage your audience to continue to engage with your brand. Whether they are used to help close a sale after interacting with client, to act as a pre-qualifier to find the right client or even to send your customers more information about you and your business, The Automator is a great play for the time poor business owner.
Want to know more? Check out our explainer video here!
Digital Marketing

Play #4 – The Content Quarterback

The fourth and final play is called The Content Quarterback! The play targets those who currently have a new product, website or business that you want to promote and people aren’t currently looking for it.
This is perfect if people aren’t aware of your product or you have something new within your business such as a product launch or promotion that you want to get out to a new audience.
The game plan is to have a great piece of content on your website to drive traffic to, whether it’s an article, an eBook or another type of resource, the aim is to attract users to your site. From there, a remarketing campaign begins in order to ensure that the customer converts with your business.
Want to know more about how you can get your target audience more aware of your new product? Watch our insight video here!


So, where do you go from here?

At Space Digital, we have a team of experts that are available to help you incorporate one of these plays into your business. To download a copy of our Playbook or to book in a consultation, click here or give us a call on 1300 31 41 72.

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