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Marketing For Brand Survival – The Digital Must-Dos of 2018

For most online businesses, digital marketing has transformed into a race for survival. It’s like you’re at the start of the running track staring at the finish line, but as you hear the gun shot and begin to put one foot in front of another, some new algorithm comes along and suddenly changes the rules on how to run. The even more frustrating part is, if you don’t win gold, silver or bronze in this seemingly impossible competition, no one knows who the hell you are. Frustrating, but true.
That’s what we’re here for. Space Digital are like the supportive, slightly crazy, coach on the sideline who will reteach you how to run, get your bum back in the game and ensure you beat the competition.
Enough of the melodrama. Here are five digital must-dos of 2018 that your online business should be adopting. Ready, set, go!

Interact with your customers

Facebook recently announced they will be making changes to their newsfeed where users will begin to see more of the content that their family and friends post, as well as posts that generate conversations between people, and less from businesses and promotions. You can read more on our blog about Facebook’s newsfeed changes here.
If you haven’t already started, 2018 is the year you need to be focusing on growing a community of real loyal fans (buying followers does not count or work). Spark engaging conversations amongst groups around topics your target audience will actually be interested in to ensure your posts rank high on Facebook’s newsfeed.

Keep your website secure

Another change we can expect in the online world this year is all HTTP websites being marked as ‘Not secure’. As of July 2018, Google Chrome is on a mission to tackle online insecurity by red flagging all non-HTTPS websites.
Not got a clue what all this HTTP malarkey is about? Don’t worry, we’ve gone into more detail about Chromes changes in our blog post New HTTP Changes – We’ve got the cure – get secure!

Keep in-the-know

Staying on top of your social media game requires a lot more than scheduling in seven days worth of content and so you can forget about it for the rest of the week. Digital changes happen monthly, weekly, even daily, so if you want to keep social media savvy, it’s a good idea to regularly check in with the experts.
Of course our weekly Digital Dash newsletter will keep you up-to-date (if you’re not signed up, be sure to sign up now!). Some of our other favourite digital marketing resources include Perpetual Traffic, Growth Hackers, Inbound, Social Media Examiner and Neil Patel.

Update your website SEO

It’s no longer as simple and tossing all your favourite keywords onto a web page in hope that it will rank highly on Google (we wish). A strong SEO strategy involves a great deal of research and implementation work. We have outlined our 7 key SEO tips to prepare your website for Google in 2018 on our blog. It’s certainly not one for the faint-hearted and we advise you to seek a marketing specialist to help you if you’re unsure. If you would like to discuss your website SEO, please contact our marketing team.
P.s. We can have you ranking in the top spot on Google within seven days for all the relevant terms for your business!

Adopt messenger – everywhere

Although good customer service has always been of extreme importance since the start of trade, providing instant one-to-one communication and support with your customers is important in 2018.
Facebook has now made it easy for businesses to integrate their instant messenger service on to websites, such as ecommerce stores, for easy interaction with customers. Learn more about why you need Facebook Messenger chat on your website on our blog.Keep up to date with what’s going on in the design & digital world with our expertise, freebies & resources!

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Riana is our content creating superstar here at Space Digital! With experience and interests in Fashion, Lifestyle and Television, she keeps us up to date with the latest trends and NO NO’s.

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