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Online Marketing For Less Than $10/day

Online Marketing on a budget?
There are so many areas that you can spend your time on that it is hard to know where to start. When you are working on a budget, it becomes an even harder task to know where to spend those limited advertising dollars.
Everyday we work on countless campaigns across multiple platforms, and my team and I often get asked, “where is the best place for businesses to invest my time and money when I am just starting out and have limited resources.”
To help with this, I have listed the top five areas I would suggest any business should be doing right now that will cost them little to no money to implement and run ongoing. (This all assumes you already have an awesome website. If you don’t, start there!)

Setup The Facebook Pixel

Cost = Nil
This one is a no-brainer for every business. It costs nothing to setup and even if you don’t plan to start using Facebook Ads anytime soon, you can still set this up to start collecting data on your website visitors. You can then use Facebook’s free Ad Insights tool to analyse information about who is visiting your website, such as there location, demographics, pages they likes and other interests.
If you do decide to start taking advantage of Facebook Ads you can then use the Pixel to display ads to previous website visitors and also track conversions so you will know how effective your campaigns are.

Setup Your Local Listings & Get Reviews

Cost = Nil
Your local Google listing is a great way to get exposure in your local area. A well optimised profile will not only make it easy for your customers to find you, but also allows you to start getting reviews. These reviews will have a big impact on both your local SEO (rank higher on Google) and will also display to your potential customers.
We implemented a solid review requisition strategy into our printing business Space Print, which has shot up in the search rankings for very competitive keywords within a few months of us obtaining a lot of review.
Get Google reviews
When setting up your Google profile:

  • Make sure that the phone number, address and email all exactly match the details on your contact page.
  • Add photos of your location, team and products/services
  • Ensure that your logo is the correct dimensions and a high resolution file.


Google Display Retargeting

Setup Cost = Approx. $500
Ongoing Cost = $1-2/day
You know how when you discover a new brand and visit their website and then you see them all over the internet?
This isn’t because they were always there and you just didn’t notice them, it’s because they are retargeting you to help you keep them front of mind while you go through your decision process of whether you will buy their products or services.
Google Display retargeting is like putting up a hyper targeted billboard up that is only displaying to people who are interested in what you sell and the best part is that you only pay Google when they click on the banner to come back to your website.
Once setup, this is a very cheap way to build your brand awareness, cross sell/up sell to your current customers and to help persuade people in their buying journey to use your products or services.

Add A Popup On Website

Cost: Free (or hire developer approx. $200-300)
Your email list is one of your strongest marketing assets because unlike your Facebook or Instagram followers, you have complete control of it.
If you are not currently building your list, start now!
An easy and effective way to start capturing email addresses is to add a popup to your website.
With this pop up, don’t just say something like, ‘Sign up to our newsletter’. Due to the huge amounts of emails everyone receives on a daily basis, we have found that people are getting more selective on who they give these details to.
Provide some value in exchange for the email address. If you are an E-commerce store, offer a discount or free shipping. If you are a local business give a discount that can be used in store.
If you are a service, offer a free trial, useful webinar, an ebook, tool or white paper.  Something that will be of value to your website visitor so they don’t hesitate when you ask for their email address.
Using smart email popups tools, like Optinmonster, you can set the popup to appear when the visitor is going to exit rather than interrupting them while on page. This will help you get their details before they go.
Final note on this, make sure to disable popups on the mobile version of your website. It will harm your SEO ranking with Google as having a popup that blocks the screen detracts from the user experience on mobile – which Google does not like!

Email Marketing Automation

Setup Cost: Approx. $400
Ongoing: $9+month depending on email list size
Building on the above tactic, once you are building your email list, you should have an automated email process in place that will send out a welcome sequence.
This will provide your subscribers with further information about your business, tell them about your products or services and why they should buy from you or engage your services. It is also an opportunity to provide them with social proof (reviews) or proof of results (case study) to help nudge them through your funnel.
This automated email sequence should be spread out over the first week of them subscribing so that you are staying in front of them and providing additional value.
An effective email automation sequence costs nothing to run once setup, apart from the email platform that you run it on. I highly recommend using ActiveCampaign for email marketing as it is extremely cost effective (plans starting from $9/month) and is super easy to use.  If you are still using Mailchimp, like the majority of businesses that we talk to, you will be surprised at how much more user friendly this platform is.
You can sign up for a free trial here.
I hope you find these tactics useful and are able to implement them into your online marketing strategy. If you would like to discuss these with us at Space Digital, please feel free to get in touch with us.Keep up to date with what’s going on in the design & digital world with our expertise, freebies & resources!

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