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Post Purchase Emails To Boost Your Sales

Despite what many may think, the sale doesn’t end as soon as a customer finalises their purchase. Once the sale has been processed, an effective post purchase email automation should be put into place in order to encourage customer return. Not sure what type of emails you should be sending once a customer buys from your brand? Here are three common post purchase emails to boost your sales.
Say Thank You
Saying thank you to your customers post purchase is not only the polite thing to do, it is the first step to building a relationship. Thank you emails are not always expected but they are a simple step that can lead to encouraging further sales. By taking the opportunity, you are building a profile that sets you aside from your competitors. You want your customers to feel as though you are personally thanking them for their business and hope to continue the relationship further. Building trust is important between a business and their consumers, saying thank you is the first step to continuing the relationship in the future.
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Encourage Feedback
Post purchase emails that encourage feedback on your products can benefit your business in more ways than one. Positive feedback increases the social proof of your products which have the potential to encourage others to purchase from your brand. More often than not, consumers are highly influenced by the opinions of others. By encouraging feedback, you will open up the door to further sales opportunities in the future.
Although positive feedback is always favourable, honest feedback can also be highly beneficial to your business. Honest feedback allows you to improve your products in order to provide your consumers with the best results possible. If honest feedback from your customers is negative, it offers you the chance to change and create even better products.
post purchase emails
Recommend New Products
Following up with your customers after they have made a purchase is always ideal. When following up, we also encourage you to recommend more of your products to your consumers. Sending emails that include products that are relevant to the ones that the customer has purchased are more likely to lead to another sale. For example, if they purchase a sketch book, you can recommend colouring pencils, paints and other art supplies that compliment it. An effective product recommendation email that includes the correct products is highly likely to lead to another sale if the customer is satisfied with your products.
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Creating post purchase email automations can be highly beneficial to your sales if done correctly. By following up with your customers after their purchase, you have the opportunity to strengthen customer loyalty and increase your profits. At Space Digital, our team specialise in the process of creating the best post purchase emails for you business. If you would like to find out more about how you can implement them into your post sales process, visit our email automation page or call us on (07) 3724 0469.

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