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6 Tips To Make Your Business Efforts On Social Media Count

Social media is one way to build an audience and potential customer base, without paid advertising. As it’s a long-game strategy, the rewards and ROI aren’t immediate. Therefore, it is important to ensure that what you are creating and posting counts. 
Here are 6 tips from our in-house social media experts to ensure what you do matters – and doesn’t waste your time or damage your credibility!

1. Start With A Plan

It goes without saying, that having an overarching strategy for your social media presence will allow you to show up consistently and on-brand. Get clear on your goals and objectives so that each post is created with that call to action in mind. It also pays to know your industry competition and play to your point of difference. 

2. Decide On Your Platform/s

From Facebook and Instagram, to Youtube and LinkedIn, each platform attracts a certain demographic. Where is your audience hanging out? Before pursuing one (or every!) platform, take the time to research which platform is more ideal to reach your audience. 

3. Know Your Audience

The best way to create engaging content is to KNOW your audience and their pains. Social media becomes a profitable business strategy when you are nurturing potential leads through value and education.  When you are able to position yourself as the authority in your market, you become the go-to when your customer is ready to pay to have their problems solved.

4. Consistent, Quality Content

Showing up consistently keeps you top of mind. Showing up with quality puts money in your back pocket. The best way to achieve both consistency and quality is to create a social media calendar. This allows you to batch your content in minimal sittings but produce multiple week’s worth of posts. From there, it’s a matter of putting those posts on autopilot, using the next step.

5. Use The Tools Available

It can be exhausting creating and showing up on social media frequently, especially with a business to run! Here are two of our go-to tools to shortcut this process: 

  • Canva is a brilliant FREE tool, that has a plethora of professional-looking, social media templates you can customise for your graphic needs.
  • Hootsuite is our go-to resource to schedule posts ahead of time. This allows us to have peace of mind that we’re showing up on social media, while also getting on with our work day. 


6. Track, Monitor & Refine

Analytics helps us know what’s working – and what we need to improve on or change. Reviewing your post engagement monthly will allow you to notice trends on the types of content your audience is resonating with and what to create more of. 
Never before has there been unprecedented opportunities to reach potential leads for little to no cost. Knowing how to make the most of those opportunities is the other half of the equation.
If you’d like to get on top of your social media strategy and have the clarity to know that what you’re doing is boosting your online presence the right way, book your free consultation today or speak to our team at 1300 314 172. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Taliah is our in-house Conversion Copywriter and Account Manager. With experience in overhauling outdated website content, crafting email campaigns that get opened (and earn you dollars) and writing words that capture the hearts of your customer, she’s the girl to put your best-written foot forward.

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